Motorcycle Road Trip from Beltsville MD to Sturgis SD

Heading Home

We began our ride home from Sturgis early this morning with a short ride thru Custer State Park as we headed for the Interstate. Along the way, we saw a single Buffalo sitting in the grass next to the roadway and a small herd of Buffalo a little futher along. It was as though they were coming out to tell us goodbye, or to tell us “good riddance”. Either way, the short ride thru the park was a good final ride thru the Black Hills.

We got hammered by the winds on Interstate 90 as we headed East. Every time we crested a hill, we had to throttle up just to maintain a constant speed. Plus I felt as though I was riding at an angle into the wind just to keep myself from being blown off the road. The winds were relentless even as the Black Hills faded into the rearview mirror and the land started to level out. We had heard that the winds were so strong the night before that 3 semi-trucks were blown over on the Interstate. There were signs of other damage along the roadway as we saw a number of billboards that were blown over or torn a part. As we drove on down the highway, it appeared that there was dirt or dust being blown across the highway, but as we approached the area, it was actually tumbleweed. It was actually pretty neat to see it up close as the only other time I saw it was in the old cowboy movies.

Sioux Falls, SD came into view on the far eastern side of South Dakota. And just as quickly, Sioux Falls fell behind us. We did arrive in a new state this afternoon, Minnesota. Of course we got another picture of the State Sign. We might be heading into Wisconsin as well (tomorrow), but the state line is at a river crossing so we may not be able get a photo. Especially if it isn’t safe to pull over to the side. We are heading towards the Chicago area, and we haven’t decided if we want to travel thru the city or try to divert around it. We still have a few hundred miles before we get close, so we’ll decide our final route later in the day.

So far for this little excursion out West, I have logged over 3000 miles, and we still have about another 1200 more miles to go. Over all, it’s been a good ride and I hope that we get to do it again in the next couple of years.

Looks like rain tomorrow, so I’ll need to keep my rain gear out and ready. For us Soggy Bottom Riders, we just keep earning our name.


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