Motorcycle Road Trip from Beltsville MD to Sturgis SD

Rolling across the MidWest

Our tires chewed up the ashpalt as we rolled across Ohio and Indiana. The gentle rolling hills gave way to flat open fields. Indiana corn fields stretched across as far as your eyes could see on both sides of the highway. I swear I could see the curvature of the earth far off in the distance.

Weather was great for our first full day of riding. Mid 80’s and partly cloudy skies kept us in and out of the sun. Even though I did apply a good coat of sunscreen, my arms are a deep color red and my nose is lightly pink. I will lather up again in the stuff to help keep most of the sun from permeatting my skin. At least the helmet is keeping my head from baking.

Arriving into Indiana was almost like coming home. Of course it’s my home state since I was born in Indianapolis many years ago. Marion County, Turkey Run State Park and many other names came rushing back from the deepest part of my memory. Plus as I was rolling along on I70 near the heart of the city, I thought of my Grandpa (Call me Jake!) and my Uncle Jimmy. I would have been great to have been able to stop and have a beer with them, but these days it can only be a thought and a toast to my fond memories of both of them.

As we neared the Indiana / Illinois State line, I found myself at the limit of my fuel tank. It caused a brief panic, but I reached down and found my fuel tank switch and turned it over to my reserve tank. The engine was sputtering, but it quickly settled back into it’s normal engine whine and growl from the exhaust. Then just as we rolled to a stop at the Illinois State line, my odometer rolled over to 19000 miles.

Champaign/Urbana IL was a welcome relief to my back and butt and our day of riding came to an end, 453 miles from Washington PA. Today (Friday) we will be continueing our westward travel, with a final stop in Des Moines Iowa. But we have at least one stop along the way in Riverside Iowa. For all you Trekkie Fans, Riverside IA is the future birth place of Capt. James T Kirk. Hopefully we won’t encounter any unruly fans of Kirk and get stunned, “Set your phasers to stun!”.

Iowa awaits, and it’s time to saddle up again.


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