Motorcycle Road Trip from Beltsville MD to Sturgis SD

On the Road

Rain and road dirt pelted my bike as we rode out on I70 heading west. My once clean bike is now a mess of dried dirt/ water on my engine and exhaust. It’s a mess that will need a serious bikini bike wash!

Riding across the mountains of WV was nothing out of the ordinary, at least till the clouds started rolling in. I could see the fog in the valleys as we rolled across the highway. Occasionally the low clouds were pressing against the edges of the roadway, but it wasn’t till we rode across the crest of hill that I began to become nervous. As the road way dropped down to the next valley, it disappeared. In just a few moments, I watched Michael and steve disappear before me. Even the flashing tail lights of Steve’s motorcycle were swallowed by the heavy fog. I have plenty of experience of riding in the rain, just as our name implies. But the thickness of this fog was something out of a Stephen King book. The only thing that was missing was the giant tentacle sweeping across the highway to pluck Steve and Michael from there bikes. Many things ran amuck in my mind as I slowed my speed even further. One of the most rememberable was “oh shit!”, followed by a few other choice words. I actually think that I said many of them out loud.

In a few minutes, the lights of my companions bikes appeared ahead and slowly they themselves appeared as the fog dissipated. The “monster fog” reached out to grab us a few more times, but we kept going on.

Washington, PA was our first over night stop. Unfortunately we saw more of it than we wanted as we spent an hour driving in circles looking for the hotel. My head hit the pillow pretty hard last night and sleep came pretty easily.

Today we will be chewing up the highway as we head west. PA, WV will fall from view pretty quickly, but Ohio and Indiana await our tire tracks.

Westward we go.


One response

  1. Lia Kalka

    Be safe guys… dont let the rain get the better of you all…. safe trip … Jeff bring me a T-Shirt LOL


    August 4, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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