Motorcycle Road Trip from Beltsville MD to Sturgis SD

2 Days and a little more than 5 hours….

till we hit the road west.  The preparations are almost complete and now and I can start second (and third) guessing about what I did or did not pack.  Yes, I am already packed.

Michael Koren (fellow Soggy Bottom Rider) and I will be shipping some of our clothes to the hotel.  There’s just no way that we can fit everything on the back of the motorcycle.

Michael has also set up a blog for our adventure to Sturgis, SD.  You can follow his blog at  In fact, you can probably open his blog and mine on the same screen and watch the argument unfold just as if you were there!  🙂  Just Kidding.  Michael and I get along pretty well and we’ve ridden many miles together on our motorcycles and I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with him.

Steve Shapiro is the final member of our Soggy Bottom Riders that will be heading to Sturgis with us.  Even though he hasn’t set up a blog for the Sturgis ride/event,  I will ask him to post a message or two on my blog as this little adventure unfolds.

Damn, did I remember to pack ….. (let the second guessing begin!).


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